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About the General Directorate of Health Planning and Development


Develop and promote the strengthening of health services and the universality of the same, through the design and implementation of strategies and innovative management tools to improve health services and culturally sustainable and relevant to the needs of the population.


Being a unit reference that directs, formulates and monitors policies, plans, programs and cutting-edge projects that contribute to the continuous improvement and integration of the NHS, by using modern management tools, personal ethical competence, professional, intercultural and gender, based on the principles of public administration efficient, transparent and responsive to preserve or restore the health of the population in Mexico.

Strategic Objective 

Main Mexican health systems innovation Directorate, for areas related to design, development and implantation of such systems.

Legal frame

Article 25 of regulation of Health Ministry;

It corresponds to the Head of Health Planning and Development:

I. To design, develop and implant instruments for innovation and modernization of Health National System, being fortified by its governing function and in coordination within the Ministry, for approval of new units that may participate, permanently watching the fulfillment of policies and strategies, and in fairness;

II. To design and orchestrate systems and programs that allow financial resources optimization allocation for health attention, notwithstanding the attributions that in this matter have other dependencies;

III. To coordinate the analysis of supply, demand, needs and opportunities for health services, to design, and develop innovating proposals;

IV. To design new managerial models for health attention systems, in agreement with the needs and characteristics of the population;

V. To perform the analysis, planning and conduction of the Infrastructure Master Plan for health attention spaces, in coordination with the General Directorates of Information in Health, Development of the Physical Infrastructure, National Center of Technological Excellence in Health and Federal Organizations, in coordination with the Health National Council, as well as issuing technical congruent rulings on the physical infrastructure status and plans for health national strategy;

VI. To issue the Needs Certificate required for the effects of the Infrastructure Master Plan in accordance with the applicable standardization;

VII. To propose the design and development of new models of health attention in accordance to needs and cultural characteristics of population, promoting the joint interrelation with proposals and projects, supervising its evaluation is done through a wide vision of the culture in place;

VIII. To define the criteria and to apply instruments, like Needs Certificate, that allows the reordering of the present health infrastructure, as well as the construction of new infrastructure, congruent with the national strategy and proposed innovation attention model;

IX. To establish a reference frame for design and development of managerial abilities professionalization within health institutions;

X. Help intervention, that by function corresponds to other administrative units, to direct, coordinate, manage financial and co-financial external credits, weathers and strategies to fortify the States health services supply, including the legal document subscription with federal organizations, external credits executing units, institutions or companies;

XI. To develop knowledge in health managerial attention models innovation, for its application and diffusion in Health National System, notwithstanding the already established with other orderings;

XII. To identify opportunities, propose normative innovations and changes that allow change and trial in administrative, logistic and health services methods or processes;

XIII. To identify, promote and spread opportunities for development and implantation of innovating proposals for health services and other institutions of investigation and development;

XIV. To design, develop and implant innovating processes within the supply chain for pharmaceutical provision, consumption, materials and technology of health services;

XV. To develop innovating proposals that promotes patient security, in health services;

XVI. To propose the development of innovations directed to the organizational reconstruction, of processes and functions within health services in federal organizations, in correspondence with national and state health policies;

XVII. To direct actions for qualification and intercultural sensiblenesses of Health National System personnel; and

XVIII. To propose innovating strategies to assure viability health services, as well as its development and adjustments that will continuously be required under a long term vision.



Viaducto Miguel Alemán No. 806, Col. Nápoles,
Deleg. Benito Juárez. C.P. 03810, México D.F.
Tel. (0155)5256-0113

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